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Protect against Cybercrime, Ransomware, theft, loss of premises and Deletion with our Cloud Backup Services.


Get peace of mind knowing your files are backed up securely in the cloud

Cloud backup is the process of protecting your organisation’s data by encrypting information and sending it over the internet to a secure offsite server. Backing up to the cloud mitigates the risk of onsite threats like fire, flood, hardware issues, user error and ransomware.

Our service involves installing a small piece of backup software on your computer or server which sends your data securely, via an internet connection to our highly secure data centre. This is performed automatically each day or as many times as you wish. Our TR Cloud Backup service can protect almost anything. Most common are simple files and folders, but we can also backup databases such as MS SQL and Exchange. Other databases and systems such as MySQL and PostgreSQL can also be protected.

Our online backup service can also add additional protection to your Microsoft 365 infrastructure. We have partnered with Veeam to provide a fully integrated, fast and secure way to back up and replicate your data to our cloud repository.

Our cloud backup service utilises Veeam Cloud Connect allowing us to provide

  • A fast and secure cloud backup service
  • Fully encrypted backups In Flight and At Rest
  • Provides secure cloud storage for retaining up-to-date offsite copies of your virtual and physical server backups with easy restoration to your primary site
  • Built-in WAN Acceleration which copies data to our Data Centers up to 50X faster than a regular file copy, to minimize bandwidth needs during backup and replication

Veeam CSPPartner Silver
Veeam ProPartner Registered

Full Control Of Your Backups

Our online backup service can be enabled to use multi factor authentication. Many banks use this method of approving connections before users are allowed to connect.

Off-Site Repository

Your data is automatically backed up to an offsite location with storage infrastructure that’s not dependent on AWS, Azure or other major clouds.

Veeam-Approved Design

Your data is kept safe on our secure off-site backup platform. It’s powered by Veeam software and based on the Veeam Cloud Connect reference architecture.

UK Data Residency

Your data is backed up to the UK. You won’t stray into foreign courts’ jurisdictions or different data protection regimes.

Data Confidentiality

Your files are securely encrypted at rest and in flight. Data is encrypted by your Veeam software using your own key before leaving your premises.


Cloud, multi-cloud, on-premises, virtual and physical servers: our solutions Backup, replicate, and enable cloud mobility.


Veeam delivers powerful, affordable and easy-to-use backup and recovery for small businesses.


Retrieve office 365 Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Microsoft Teams data from Microsoft 365 weekly, daily, or as often as every 15 minutes in Microsoft’s native format.



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[Our BaaS Product for Office 365]


You can now afford to safeguard terabytes of data and to store many generations. Even small businesses and charities can afford this online backup service.


We send you a hostname, username and password. Enter them in your existing Veeam software and you're ready to backup to our cloud vault.


There are no setup fees, no bandwidth charges and no data recovery fees.


Optimized to reduce bandwidth usage. Efficient moving your data from end to end.

Want to know more about our Cloud Backup Services?

Our Enterprise Data Management Team has over 12 years of experience in Cloud Backup


Equipment storing information can fail. Backup, whether it is local or offsite, maintains a redundant copy of an organisation’s valuable data in the event of a system failure or natural disaster as well as retains data to fulfil compliance requirements and litigation requests. With the additional copy of data, IT administrators gain the ability to easily restore important files. A backup solution for data restores is an integral part of an organization’s disaster recovery plan.

Depending on what your backing up, the quantity of data and the quality of your internet connectivity, it may be beneficial to have what is called an appliance on site. This device manages your backup services and also provides local storage necessary to keep a primary backup copy onsite for fast recovery in the majority of data loss scenarios.

Microsoft 365 offers geo-redundancy to protect against data loss related to a data centre event. It accomplishes this by mirroring data across multiple data centres. While this ensures the availability of data, it doesn’t protect against data lost due to accidental or malicious deletion or as the result of a virus, third party app, or hackers.

Yes, and we highly recommend you do as part of your Recovery Time Objective (RTO). Run easy-to-execute tests on your backup images, and you’ll be sure your backups will work when a disaster strikes.

Any data which is important to your business can be backed up automatically and securely. File data, email data such as Microsoft Exchange, business databases based on Microsoft SQL, MySQL or Oracle for example can all the backed up. Hyper-V and VMware virtual servers can also be backed up in totality. Our backup software is very easy to use, allowing you to easily manage what needs to be protected.

The time taken to back up your data initially, once you install our service depends on different factors including the internet speed, the amount of data you have and the number of devices. Typically, the initial back up might take around 2 to 24 hours, assuming that you have large amount of data, which is most likely.

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