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UK based cyber security service provider for SMBs and local government organisations


We proactively help to protect your business against new and emerging internal and external cyber threats. You now don’t require an in-house cyber security team to handle all security aspects of your IT infrastructure.

Our simple and affordable cybersecurity services are ideal for local government agencies and SMEs. As a trusted cybersecurity provider, we work with our clients as security partners with a mission to reduce their business risk, protect their business reputation and prevent revenue loss.

“Outsource your IT security to a trusted cybersecurity provider for complete peace of mind."


Cyber Essentials

  • A UK Government operated scheme to help SMBs protect against common online threats and achieve a certain level of cyber hygiene
  • It's an online self-assessment questionnaire that allows organisations to assess themselves against the five security controls (Firewalls, Secure Configuration, User Access Control, Malware Protection and Patch Management) and then evaluated by the certification body post certification
  • It’s a basic level of certification that is self-assessed and independently verified
  • We help businesses to prepare and achieve their Cyber Essentials certification
  • Suitable for organisations of all sizes

Cyber Essentials Plus

  • It’s a most advanced level of certification that Cyber Essentials questionnaire + onsite technical audit of your IT systems to ensure cyber essentials controls are in place which is carried out by an independent auditors such as Tech Results
  • Cyber Essentials Plus definitely costs more but it offers greater peace of mind
  • Cyber Essentials Plus must be completed at the same time or within 3 months of the initial Cyber Essentials certification
  • Along with the cost of certification, You will need an extra cost for technical audit which will be depend upon company size and complexity of IT infrastructure

GDPR Readiness

  • Cyber Essentials certification also includes few elements of GDPR compliance
  • We help you cover GDPR readiness and meet the data protection requirements of GDPR
  • We offer complete guidance and step-by-step process that you need to pass the GDPR compliance


  • It’s a simple and easy to use zero trust software designed to help protect remote employees from cyberattacks and keep your enterprise data safe and secure.
  • The tool, once downloaded on employees' devices, keeps checking round the clock for potential cyber threats and vulnerabilities, reports any security-related misconfiguration issues and even fixes them to keep devices up-to-date.
  • It embraces BYOD and support all devices


  • Get superior and most advanced level protection from internal and external cyber threats
  • Gain significant cost savings by outsourcing your cyber security
  • Managed by experienced team of cyber security experts
  • Compliance to industry standards and regulations
  • Keep your focus on business instead of worrying about IT security

We provide the most advanced cyber security services to help keep your systems, data and people safe and secure

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