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Allow access to all your applications from ANYWHERE. With just a web browser on any internet connected device with a suitably sized screen, you can access all the desktop services you need and without the need to download or install anything.


Do you need access to all your files and applications at a click of a button but without the hassle of installing or downloading anything?

Launched from any common web browser, you can be up and running with all your files and applications immediately from any location you can find an internet connection. We can also integrate Office 365 giving you the added benefit of all the 365 functionality and storage.

Integrate Microsoft 365 with other applications, all on one desktop and maintain the familiarity of a single managed Desktop, Tech Results’s Desktop as a Service can provide this. Your desktop appears as if it’s running locally on your device, but it’s actually running from our secure data centres. Open your files, read your emails and run your applications with ease.

Use what we call legacy applications, put simply put, the ones that don’t normally work well in the cloud.


Work with colleagues across multiple locations. Enable everyone in your organisation to work from home, the office or when on the road.

Multi Factor Authentication

Our hosted desktop service can be enabled to use multi factor authentication. Many banks use this method of approving connections before users are allowed to connect.

Real-time Monitoring

Our service can provide a real-time and historical view on who has opened what application, when and where. Anomaly detections in usage behavior are furthermore reported and flagged.

Document Sharing

Built-in the ability to share documents (that includes large ones) in a secure and controlled way.

Latest Version

Always up to date with the latest technology. We are constantly updating and upgrading the system so you don’t have to.

All Inclusive

No need to install expensive servers and other technology hardware. This is all included within our Hosted Desktop Service and reviewed on a regular basis so we are always using the most efficient solution.

System Patches

All system patches completed by us in a timely manner so you don’t need to spend time investigating and then rolling out patches.

Software Upgrades

Upgrades of software provided by us are included. We can discuss the software updates of 3rd party products if you would like us to cover them. 

Save Time & Money

Focus on your organisation and not your IT. Reduce your electricity bills with servers and supporting hardware no longer required.


Our Hosted Desktop service has a fully web based interface which works with all common web browsers.This removes the needs to download any applications and enables the ability to be fully mobile.


Aggregates all your existing environments and effortlessly provides integration. Take advantage of all the Microsoft 365 benefits together with all other applications you need to use. File servers (Cloud or Classic). Windows and Linux. Cloud based applications (Saas).


Multi Factor authentication supported. Deep usage audit and anomaly detection. Built in SSL Encryption. Granular and extensive usage control. Session recording options.


Seamless collaboration via application session sharing. Secure file sharing, even large files. Leverage Microsoft Teams online in the workspace.


We allow end-users to tweak their environment just enough to optimize their productivity by letting them choose favourite applications, bookmarked files and default applications per file type. All of these are optional, of course, and less tech-savvy users don't have to bother using them.


Connectors for popular SaaS applications such as Microsoft Office 365, GSuite and Salesforce. Utilise our service as your “Identity Provider” (IdP)). Furthermore, we can easily be integrated with external IP’s such as Okta, Google Identity and Microsoft Azure Active Directory which enable you to easily extend the Single-Sign-On to over 5000 SaaS applications.


Work using multiple monitors. The streamed application (or desktop) session can be used on up to 16 monitors. Alternatively, different applications can each be opened in a new browser tab. All this by making optimal use of the browser, without local agents or plug-ins install


Print locally at the device you are working from. Our virtual printer provides a simple solution that does not require managing local printer drivers.


By the use of our Remote Application Helper, we can provide Smartcard support in any HTML5 session on any browser.


[Our Cloud Desktop Product]

More and more businesses are adopting a cloud-based way of working as they move to create a more flexible and remote workforce. A hosted desktop enables remote working with constant access anywhere in the world on a device connected to the internet. 

Instant Access
5-15 days to setup
5-30 days to setup
Shared Public System
Access From Anywhere
Browser Based Access
Number Of Users
Max 2
To be agreed
Integrated With 365
Send External Email
Reset Every 24 Hours
Microsoft Office Apps
Other Apps Installed
To be agreed
Your Apps Installed
To be agreed
Go LIVE After Trial Period
Not possible
Yes, you can upgrade
Full version already






Security is one of the biggest concerns that we hear about when talking to our clients about flexible working solutions. We know that you require a hosted desktop service that leaves you safe in the knowledge that your data and files are secure.

We ensure that your devices are secured to the highest levels, whilst protecting any data that is shared in the cloud or outside of company networks.

  • SSL-Encrypted
  • Single sign-on
  • Password Protected
  • Options for Multi-factor Authentication
  • Granular usage control
  • Document version control (Using 365 SharePoint and OneDrive)
  • Option for location aware login/security levels
  • Options to disable file upload and download
  • No Local File footprint: All your files are securely stored in the Cloud
  • Reduced risk of intellectual property theft
  • Managed environment with session auditing.
  • Antivirus and Malware protection
  • Regular/online backups of your data
  • Option for Mobile device protection
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies in a secure and manageable way

We use high security data centres to keep your data safe with,

  • On-site substations
  • Uninterruptable Power Supply N+1 configuration
  • Generators providing N+1
  • 24×7 environment monitoring
  • Cooling providing N+1 coverage
  • Fire suppression

N+1 means that there is 1 backup for the provided service.

Our data centres comply with:

  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Information Security Management
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management
  • European Data Centre Code of Conduct
  • PCI-DSS Compliant

Wherever you are and whichever device you are using: PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone or Chromebook. You just need a browser. That’s all.

TR Cloud Desktop requires an HTML5 supporting web browser, found on most modern devices, and that’s all you need to be up and running from anywhere.

We can pull all of your internet dispersed services in to one place.

TR Cloud Desktop links in with Active Directory or LDAP for user management. It will connect to application servers running Microsoft RDS or Citrix for legacy applications or desktops. It will setup a Single-Sign-On with SaaS (applications provided in the cloud) services.

It will also connect to classic file systems via WebDAV and CIFS and with cloud storage environments such as Microsoft’s OneDrive.

For the non-technical people reading this, it just means you can log in easily to cloud based services and ones that need to be run on a local desktop or server!

Your modern workforce prefers to use their own devices, without being restricted by old office IT policies. They are highly mobile. They want to be able to work from anywhere. They expect access to all their files and applications. On top of that, the increasing use of contractor workforces creates the need for a fast and smooth on-boarding.

Multiple loggings to multiple application together with a home device with icons all over the place and no consistency for each member of staff. This opens your organisation up to breaches of security and loss of data.

We deliver a standard desktop with all the tools your staff need. A new member of staff no longer needs to start downloading applications to their home device, setting up local printers with those apps or spend time with IT support logging in to all their allowed applications on their newly provided laptop. Only to find it doesn’t work when they take it home.

Your cloud desktop will be consistent with every other user within your team so you can easily call on a colleague for assistance if you get stuck and if you do need IT support, we can link in quickly without having to download software agents to complete that support.

With over two decades of experience in delivering hosted desktops and cloud solutions, we know that our solutions speak for themselves. By utilising our hosted desktop services, your business benefits from a scalable solution that grows with your organisation and enables you to provide secure, cost effective and flexible IT to your workforce.

Our experts work with you to implement the technology, systems and processes needed for agile working solutions, without compromising on the performance of such systems and the security of your data

TR Cloud Desktop leads the way to a new working approach, driven by fluent information sharing, close collaboration and mobility.

Designed to integrate with Microsoft technologies, easily share files and information with your team.

TR Cloud Desktop give you the flexibility to work closely as a team, even when divided across widely dispersed locations.

From an office in London, a cottage in Cornwall, working abroad or in your car, all the tools required to collaborate and work productively are at your fingertips.

We know that embracing a flexible workforce requires agile IT that works for your organisation as it continues to grow. We offer our hosted desktops on an operationally convenient per user/per month basis, giving you the freedom to scale up or down depending on the needs of your business at any given time; whether you require support for strategic initiatives or enhancements to drive long-term value.

As part of our hosted desktop solutions, your business will benefit from fully managed, monitored, supported and secured infrastructure with guaranteed uptime SLAs. This is in addition to supporting your desktops, applications and any servers we have provisioned for you.

You may also choose to ask us to manage and support the remaining infrastructure and devices you use, for example, printers PC’s Laptops and your local network and internet connectivity.

We can become your outsourced IT department, no longer having to worry about software updates, replacing outdated hardware and dealing with day-to-day IT issues.


Microsoft 365 requires the installation of Microsoft Office on the local device, unless using the cut –down web version. This introduces portability, standardisation and security issues for many organisations. It prevents you from being able to log in with full functionality at any device. It pulls information to the local device which may not be secure/protected. It does not allow other applications to be integrated with 365 whilst maintaining portability. And it requires local setup and configuration which is unnecessary with our TR Cloud Desktop.  With our TR Cloud Desktop you just log in and that’s it, nothing else to do or find.

Yes, TR Cloud Desktop allow you to launch almost all web based (SaaS) services from our desktop. If available from the provider it may also be possible to configure a single sign-on for all of them.

Yes, we use a Universal Printer driver that allows us to print to the majority of local printers.

Our TR Cloud Desktop service is paid for by a monthly usage charge. If you remove a user the cost goes down and if you add, it will go up. So the cost of the service will reflect the size of your organisation and its situation.  The cost of a Hosted Desktop with us typically costs between £30-£100 per month. The main factors affecting cost are the number of applications you would like to run, the amount of data you need us to store and the level of user support you require for example 8:00 am to 5:30 pm or 24 hours. For a no obligation quotation, please contact us for further details.

Yes, our charging rates allows for a discount for these market sectors.

There are three main stages to switch you over to our service: –

  1. It usually takes about a week for our support team to migrate the bulk of your data in the background, and throughout the process, your business operations continue as normal. 
  1. On the day you’re due to go live, we’re on hand to help your staff connect and deal with any (unlikely) issues.
  1. As you start to explore the power of your new system, our support consultants will be on hand to adjust any settings, add additional applications, or provide assistance if needed.


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