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Tech Results is an innovative hosted VoIP service provider to help empower onsite and remote working teams to communicate and collaborate more effectively.

We offer a wide range of bespoke hosted VoIP solutions depending upon your business requirements and at a very competitive rates. We offer an easy migration to unified communication to help businesses attain maximum productivity.

What is Hosted VoIP
and how does it work?

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet protocol, or in more common terms Phone service over the Internet. Unlike conventional phone systems (which require expensive line rental), VoIP phone systems use a broadband or other type of internet connection to keep you connected for a fraction of the cost.

Hosted VoIP is a secure and inexpensive internet-based communication service that is offered and managed by a 3rd party service provider to a business or client. The 3rd party service provider owns, manages and administers the entire VoIP infrastructure which is based in the cloud in their own secured data centres. 

All businesses will need a reliable and stable internet connection to make calls using VoIP desktop or mobile app or cell phone. And for this, it’s important for businesses to have a secure and private IP network with high bandwidth.

Hosted VoIP solutions are very flexible, scalable and very inexpensive when compared with traditional phones.

Switch to Hosted VoIP today
and enjoy immediate benefits

There are many reasons why you may want to consider cloud based VoIP services over traditional phone services. Here are what we would consider the top 5 reasons to switch to hosted VoIP.

Cost savingVoIP telephone calls are much cheaper than calls made on a traditional phone line, especially international calls.

Portabilityyou can make and receive phone calls wherever you have an internet connection simply by signing in to your VoIP account.

Business continuityif you don’t have access to your office for any reason, for example in the event of a disaster, you can still make and receive calls.

Scalabilityyou can easily add or remove people to your VoIP account so you can scale it to your business needs.

Professional Imageyour phone system is a first point of contact with your customers. Efficient call handling and answering plays a critical part in keeping your customers content.


We offer a feature-rich, fully customisable and cost-effective hosted VoIP system to help increase business productivity, improve team communication and free up IT resources.


TR Cloud VoIP’s voicemail is an advanced answering machine that allows callers to leave a message if you’re busy or currently away from your phone. Forward your voicemails to email as well.

Ring Groups are used to group a number of phones into one destination. Each Ring Group is assigned a network number which, once dialled, rings all extensions assigned to the group according to the ring strategy.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is an automated answering machine which will guide callers to their destination by providing a number of choices and waiting for the caller to make a selection through DTMF tones via a phone keypad.

Our queue system allows you to receive more calls in your VoIP System than your staff members are able to answer at the same time.We can inform your customers of their current position and for how long they will need to wait. Also, play them some great music while they queue to be answered.

Operation times is a feature that enables you to forward IVR calls to different locations depending on the date, day and time.

Queue system allows you to receive more calls in your PBXware than your staff members are able to answer at the same time.

Advanced conferencing facilities enabling phone based meetings. Add this option to your incoming message to allow conferencing with your clients as well.

Easily set up call recording for all extensions and access them via a web browser.

TR Cloud VoIP’s voicemail system integrates with Google Cloud Speech-to-Text and IBM Watson (STT). Get text transcriptions of your voicemail messages sent to your email.

Play music when a caller is placed on hold.

Our mobile app allows you to stay connected to your VoIP extension even when you are not in your office, enabling you to do your work without being confined to your desk.

TR Cloud VIP will send an email notification to the user, informing that extension funds are getting low. When the Hard Limit is reached TR Cloud VoIP will block all outbound calls for this extension. Soft and Hard Limit can be set on a daily or monthly basis. Setting these two values will prevent users from having unlimited funds at their disposal.

Call Pickup feature enables users to pick up calls that are ringing other extensions in associated call groups.

Based on a set of predefined rules this service filters and blocks all incoming calls based on the rules you have set for incoming caller IDs.

When enabled the Do Not Disturb service can block and temporarily or permanently redirect all incoming calls to a preferred destination number.

Call screening enables a user to forward calls to other extensions depending on the user’s extension status.

Call Forwarding service forwards calls to other destinations depending on the rules created for a particular extensions status. For example, you can forward calls to your cell phone in case you do not answer the call in 15 seconds or in case your extension becomes unavailable for some reason.

We have many call centre functions including Call Queue panels, admin panels and overhead displays. Contact us to find out more.


Supported IP Phones

We can offer a variety of VoIP phone handsets to complete your VoIP Phone System. We can install and configure the VoIP phones to your business needs and offer training and support on all the handsets we supply.

VoIP Brands

TR Cloud VoIP is compatible with most IP Phones on the market. Use the same extension on multiple devices.


We can offer a variety of VoIP phone handsets to complete your VoIP Phone System. We can install and configure the VoIP phones to your business needs and offer training and support on all the handsets we supply.

Supported CRMs

Incorporate all the features and capabilities of our VoIP system inside your CRM or Browser. TR VoIP integrates with the most popular business apps, such as Salesforce, SugarCRM, MS Dynamics, Zoho, Zendesk, Bullhorn, Vtiger, Pipedrive and many more.

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Yes, you can bring your phones with you if they are listed on our compatibility list which covers many make and models of phones. Please see our list of phone manufacturers above but if you phone is not listed please get in touch to check.

You use VoIP the same way you use a regular landline: by picking up the phone to answer it, or dialling a number to place a call. On a mobile device, you can use a VoIP-enabled app to connect and dial and receive calls in the same manner.

In most cases this is possible and we can check your numbers to be sure. We call this number porting and from the point we raise the request to collect the numbers from your current provider, it is usually completed within 10 days.

You can call any phone, VoIP or traditional and call anywhere that has been agreed with our customer contact. You may be restricted to UK numbers only or be allowed to call anywhere.

Yes, most providers allow you to use your VoIP service wherever you travel as long as you have a high-speed Internet connection and either a VoIP phone adapter or a mobile app.

Yes, you can select an area code different from the area in which you are based. This means, if your based in Bristol and get a London number, you can answer you London calls from Bristol.

Costs for our VoiP service varies depending on the options you take but typically there is a base monthly cost per extension of between £5-£10. A charge for each incoming number between £2 and £5 and call costs at our low rate per minute tariff. For full details, please contact us.

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