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Security Management

The security of your business is absolutely vital. We employ three powerful security tools to protect your systems and data: Managed Zero Trust Software, Antivirus, and 365 Security Management.

- Protect sensitive information

- Constant vigilance

- Threat identification

- User verification

Managed Zero Trust Software

Continuous authorisation for tight security

Managed Zero Trust Software acts on the basis that anyone or any device trying to access your data must continually prove they can be trusted. This strict approach minimises the risk of unauthorised access and keeps your sensitive information safe.

Prevent hackers

Zero trust software can be configured to only allow approved applications to access your data, preventing hackers from launching unauthoriszed tools within your systems.

Behaviour tracking

What sets our Zero Trust Software apart is its ability to learn your day-to-day activities. Then, when switched into protect mode, nothing else can run without administration-level approval. It doesn’t monitor what you’re doing, just what you’re doing it with.

Block use of USBs

Additionally, we can block the use of USB keys and portable storage devices to protect your business's intellectual property. If an application or tool is blocked, your employees can request access, providing both security and flexibility.

Managed Antivirus Software

Managed Antivirus Software

Your digital shield

Antivirus software serves as a constant shield against digital threats. It scans your devices for harmful software and promptly removes potential threats. Our team investigate any suspicious activity and positive detections, ensuring comprehensive security for your digital space.

365 Security Management

Safeguarding your Cloud-based office

365 Security Management acts as the vigilant guardian of your cloud-based office. It continuously monitors your Microsoft 365 applications and data, identifying and neutralising potential digital threats.

Peace of mind to carry on with business

Our mission is to make your digital world secure and hassle-free. With Managed Zero Trust Software, Managed Antivirus, and 365 Security Management, you can confidently navigate the digital realm, free from concerns about cyber threats.