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Virtual Desktops

We’re experts at supporting the creation and connection to virtual desktop systems like Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365, giving you access to highly advanced technology from wherever you have access to the internet.

- Optimised performance

- Highly-secure platform

- Hassle-free connection and support

- Powerful technology

- Lower processing requirements

What is a virtual desktop?

A Virtual Desktop is like having access to an advanced computer that you can use from anywhere with an internet connection, without the need to purchase or overload expensive hardware. You can do all your work and important tasks from anywhere, using super powerful technology to optimise performance.

Unlike Microsoft 365, which is like a toolbox with a base set of apps for writing documents, sending emails, and creating spreadsheets, a Virtual Desktop is like having your entire computer, not just a base toolbox. This allows you to complete complex tasks or use specific programmes with a higher level of security for your data.

About Azure and Windows 365

Both Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 offer a range of benefits, including:


A Virtual Desktop can be used for all your organisation's staff or just power users, giving the rest Microsoft 365 if their needs are less complex.


Files and data are highly secure in this virtual environment, offering robust protection for your information.

Tech Support

Expert assistance is readily available in case you encounter any issues or need help, ensuring you have professional support.

Data Backups

Data is automatically backed up, so you don't have to worry about losing important information. It's like having a digital safety net for your files.

Efficient With Large Files

A Virtual Desktop excels at opening and handling large files, making it easier to work on complex projects without slowdowns.


Virtual Desktops are very powerful. They can handle demanding tasks efficiently, ensuring you don't have to deal with slow or lagging performance.


There’s no need to invest in expensive hardware. Virtual Desktops are a cost-effective solution, where you pay only for what you use.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

A Virtual Desktop allows you to use your own devices, whether it's a laptop, tablet, or even a smartphone, making it convenient and versatile.

Disaster Recovery

A Virtual Desktop provides a robust disaster recovery solution to protect your critical work, even in situations like hardware failures or disasters.

What’s the difference between Azure and Windows 365?

While both systems provide all of the above benefits, Azure Virtual Desktop is more flexible, offering additional features. These include:

- Software Freedom: Azure Virtual Desktop supports applications that are not web browser-based, enabling you to use specialised software seamlessly, while Windows 365 has limitations on what you can run.

- Disaster Recovery and Backups: Azure Virtual Desktop extends your ability and control over managing your backups and disaster recovery.

- Run Virtual Servers: In addition to your desktops you can run your own servers, allowing for specialist applications, websites and databases.

- Connectivity: Connect your on-site network to the Azure network where your Virtual Desktop and servers reside. Use to connect on-site point of sales equipment (Tills), Printers and alarm systems, for example.

- Scalability: Azure Virtual Desktops can be run up and closed down on demand to keep your desktop cost to a minimum.

- File Duplication: If you’re seeing files in 365 with your computer name within them, it’s a duplicate file, as the file you have been working on has changed while you made changes. A virtual desktop can remove the risk of files being duplicated by locking the file to you.

Expert support for your next big move

Through planning, migration, implementation and beyond, we’re here to make sure everything is in place for your move to a virtual desktop solution. Get in touch if you would like to arrange a free consultation with our team